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Update Google Maps API

We’ve just announced some changes to the Google Maps APIs authentication and usage limits


Usage of the Google Maps APIs now requires a key.

If you are using the Google Maps API on localhost or your domain was not active prior to June 22nd, 2016, it will require a key going forward. To fix this problem, please see the Google Maps APIs documentation to get a key and add it to your application:

Are you using the Maps API from localhost or a recently launched domain, or was your domain active prior to today? Just wanting to check, since all previously active domains should have been grandfathered for keyless usage, so a previously active domain getting the MissingKeyMapError may be a bug.

In other words, if you weren’t already using Maps API on your domain before June 22nd, 2016, you will be forced to get a API key to get rid of this nasty error.

Keep in mind that each free API key comes with a 25,000 map loads per project per day limit (you can always create multiple projects, though). For very large websites, you could possibly need a Pemium Plan license.

This obviously apply to every enviroment, disregarding the platform (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) or plugin you are using.

Don’t be afraid, getting an API key (and integrating it) is really fast and simple:


1. Follow google developer link and click on Get a key:

Google Maps API - Get a key

Google Maps APIs – Get a key

2. Agree with the service Terms of Service:

Google Maps APIs - Agree with the terms

Google Maps APIs – Agree with the terms

3. Choose a name for your new key and specify the websites on which the key usage will be allowed.

If you don’t need any website restriction, just put an * in that field (but don’t leave it blank, unless you are having issues with *! See comments for further information). Then click on Create:

Google Maps APIs - Generate a key

Google Maps APIs – Generate a key

4. Write down your brand new API key, and click OK

Google Maps API - Generated key

Google Maps APIs – Generated key

5. Locate the file that contains the Google Maps script code on your website, and append your API key to it as a parameter:

<script src=”//” async=”” defer=”defer” type=”text/javascript”></script>

If there aren’t other parameters, just add  ?key=YOUR_API_KEY at the very end of the src path; otherwise, add &key=YOUR_API_KEY instead, like this:
 <script src=”//” async=”” defer=”defer” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Obviously, in both cases you must replace YOUR_API_KEY  with your actual API key code.

Your API key should be up and running within 5 minutes. Enjoy!